A Writer in Progress

All good things take time.

Yes, indeed they do.

My name is Jami Wagner and I am a reader, writer, and aspiring author. Everything about my life as a writer is a work in progress. Each day I learn something new and each day my dreams grow closer to reality.

I started ‘seriously’ writing last year (2013).  It all began one day in my kitchen. I was leaning against the counter sorting through my mail. Instinct kicked in and I separated the keepers from the instant trashers. A small magazine offering classes at the community college was normally something I trashed. I already had a degree. I didn’t need more education. Did I? This day, I kept it, and that is where I found my future, a fiction writing class.

From that day forward, I have put my heart and soul into writing. I love every single minute of it.

Hope you enjoyed this sneak peek at who I am!

This is only the beginning…


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