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Logan’s POV

“Abby, can you answer that for me?” I call out as my phone rings from across the room. It’s been ringing nonstop all day. After the first few calls weren’t from Sara, I gave up expecting her to call me until later tonight. Until then, I’m in the middle of inventory and would like to get it done today.

Turns out, no one wants to come to work early on a Monday because it doesn’t include tips. As the new manager I should just assign employees to come in, but everything still feels awkward and I’m having a hard time telling my friends what to do. Lucky for me, Abby and Beth both volunteered. I’ll have to ask Sara how she handles being a friend and a boss when she comes home next weekend.

My phone continues to ring, and I stand from my spot behind the bar to see where Abby ran off to. I’m a little thrown to find her standing in front of my phone just looking at it.

“You want to answer that?” I ask again.

“Oh, uh—” She looks at me quickly before she taps the screen, cutting off the ringtone. “It was an unknown caller. I wasn’t sure if I should or not.” She gives my phone a little push away from her. Her arms swing at her sides as she heads in my direction.

Abby is trouble. I’ve known this all my life, but for some reason, we keep her around. Somewhere down inside—deep, deep down inside—she’s a good person. But lately not so much and right now as she steps closer with a flirtatious smile on her face, I know she’s up to something. That spark in her eyes is another dead giveaway.

“So, when was last time you talked to Sara?” she asks, tapping her fingers on a table as she passes it.

Oh yeah. The tone in her voice definitely confirms she’s setting me up for something not good.

Sara’s POV

A hand comes into my view and catches my attention. My eyes travel the length of the toned arm to a huge bicep, and my eyes go wide when I see what’s standing in front of me. A black t-shirt hugs a large, solid chest, and dark blue jeans hang just right around a set of hips with a brown belt. A man, who looks to be around my age, with short, black hair and light green eyes studies me. His lips form into a half smile.

“You aren’t even going to try to act like you weren’t checking me out just now?” he asks as he glances over me. His smile grows wider. “Interesting.”


Crap. How am I going to explain that one?

“I’m sorry,” I finally say once I’ve stood and brushed myself off. I’m wearing a red dress that flows just above my knees, and now you can see small divots in my knees where tiny bits of gravel have been.

He laughs and then slings a black backpack over his shoulder.

“Actually, I’m glad you were checking me out. I have an interview today, and I think you just gave me all the confidence I need to go in there with my head held high.”


“Sorry about your phone. I was looking for this new bar, but I can’t seem to find it. The Silver Tap, have you heard of it?”

I swallow the embarrassing amount of spit that formed in my mouth from watching him. That’s my bar; he’s interviewing with me. Crap again.

“Ummm, yeah—there isn’t a sign yet, but it should be up in the next few weeks,” I tell him.

“No way, are you Sara? I’m Liam,” he says, extending his hand. I give it a firm shake before I respond.

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Kelsey’s POV

“Well, I’ll be damned, Kelsey Brian showed up to work before me. Now I’ve seen it all.” Logan struts into the bar like he owns the place and lets out a low whistle. “To what do we owe the pleasure?”

I roll my eyes, but Sara just stands there with a silly smile on her face. Logan has one of those personalities that you can’t help but love. Just the tone of his voice and his own smile can improve a girl’s mood in less than a second. Not to mention his shaggy, dark blonde hair, blue eyes, and athletic build. He would be a catch in more ways than one. I think Sara is finally figuring it out.

“It’s not what, it’s who,” Sara coos. Warmth creeps up my neck and into my cheeks. Logan’s eyes go wide.

“Dude, are you serious? Someone has finally cracked the ‘I hate boys’ phase we thought would last forever.”

“It’s not a phase,” I interrupt. “I just find it hard to trust someone now.”

Sara’s face lights up as she slowly nods her head up and down. “And stop calling us dudes.” She laughs, pointing at Logan.

“Wait a minute…does this have anything to do with Ethan?” Logan suggests, folding his arms in front of him.

“Oh, I bet it does,” Sarah says.

Logan reaches his arm over the counter, his palm flat, and Sara gives him a high five. It’s like I’m not even here. How does Logan know about Ethan anyway? I just found out yesterday.

“He called me this morning, wanted to get together but something came up, said he needed a rain check.” Logan shares this piece of information as he joins us behind the bar. I continue with my side work and listen to them at the same time.

“Yeah, well, it better be for something good because he said he was going to be late.”

He probably went to change his shirt, but I’d be okay with him not changing his shirt and just forgetting about it altogether.

“Hello? Earth to Kelsey!”

I look up from—wait. Was I just staring at the sink water this whole time?

“What’s your deal?” Sara asks.

“She knows something,” Logan answers.

They both study me with their full attention. I crack under the pressure. It only took two seconds, but it’s always hard to keep things from Sara. Then you add Logan, and there’s no hope. They make a strong team.

“Alright, so I may have seen Ethan once or twice since yesterday.” That sounds good enough. I turn with the intention of filling the sink at the other end of the bar, but Sara grabs my arm. I keep my eyes pinned to the floor.


“And…I might know why he’s late?”

“Is that a question?”

My face wrinkles up. I want to avoid this whole conversation. Treat it just like a Band-Aid, Kelsey. One quick pull and it’s over.

“I may have kicked him in the face, given him black eyes, hit him with my car door, and burned him with coffee right before I got here.” I shrug. “Hence no coffee.”

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