Happy Bookiversary to JUST ONE KISS!

I can’t believe it has been a whole year since I published JUST ONE KISS! So much has happened! Kelsey and Ethan’s story started the entire Black Alcove series. Now, the series has four books out and available to read and there are still two more to come! If you haven’t had a chance to start the series, enjoy teasers below and find out what the first book is all about. Keep scrolling for a couple giveaways!



A first kiss is hard to forget—and Kelsey Brian’s just walked into the bar where she works and isn’t planning to leave anytime soon. It figures. With her last semester of college finally here, Kelsey can’t wait to finish the year smoothly and start a new chapter. She doesn’t need to drive over yet another bump in the road.

Ethan Connelly has spent most of his adult life trying to be accepted by his father, and now he has the chance to make him proud. He’s also just stepped into another chance with the girl who got away. Deciding who matters most to him isn’t an easy choice. If he picks his father, he’ll lose her again—if he picks her, everything he’s worked for will be for nothing.

Can Kelsey learn to trust him, or will Ethan’s secret of why he’s really back in town tear them apart?

JUST ONE KISS is on Kindle Unlimited for a limited time!

Kelsey and Ethan 1

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Just One Moment

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