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Kelly nods. “Right, right. Oh, hey, look what I found on the bulletin board over there.” She beams at me as if she’s forgotten she’s feeling ill and pulls a piece of paper from her purse.

My eyes flash to the black flyer with bold, white type that she dangles in front of my face. I grab it from her hand and read it.

Date in the Dark
Meet your mystery date with only five minutes to spare! 
December 29, 30, and 31

Don’t have a date and think fate can bring you and your perfect match together? Come to the Blind Date at 7 p.m. all three nights! Enhance your senses and dine in the dark with the same person of the preferred sex. On the final evening, New Year’s Eve, at 11:55, the lights come on to reveal the mystery.

Take a chance. You never know…you may find THE ONE.

I blink a few times and read the flyer again before looking up. I really need that coffee. Pronto. I’m losing it. Each time my eyes see the words “Date in the Dark,” I read that my best friend wants me to date a complete stranger in total darkness, and that can’t be right.

“Do you feel okay?” I ask, concern filling my eyes.

“Ha ha, I’m fine. Stop looking at me like I’ve gone mad and just think of how romantic it could be.” She closes her eyes and smiles.

“It’s probably a fake flyer. No one with half a brain would partake in something like this.” I rest my hands on her shoulders and look her in the eyes. “How much did you drink last night?”

She snatches the flyer, shrugs off my hand, and crosses her arms. “Not that much, and we are totally doing this.” Instantly, her face beams with a smile that has “pretty please” written all over it.

I sigh as we step forward. She can’t be serious. I’ve heard of these places where you dine in the dark. You’re not able to see a single thing while you eat, and that doesn’t sound like fun for me. A giant mess full of embarrassing moments is what it sounds like. I picture more food in my lap or on the floor than actually making it in my mouth.

“It sounds like a setup for some crazy, psycho killer.” I shake my head. “Hey, I know how to kill a bunch of people at once. Tell them they’re going to find love and put them in a dark room.”

“If you showed any interest in finding a date for New Year’s Eve, I might let up, but you haven’t, so this is it. This is what we’re going to do. Unless…” She grins.

“No, don’t even say it.” I hold up my hand and look away. “Real life doesn’t turn out like the books we read, Kelly. I’m not going to fall madly in love with Parker; I can’t even stand him.”


Blind dates are bad, but a blind date-in-the-dark is just asking for an interesting time.

Three dates and three nights spent in total darkness is not how Allie or Parker had planned to ring in the New Year. But when fate steps in, these young coeds soon find themselves drawn to each other.

Date in the Dark

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