Rating and Reviews – Should you do this?

Should you rate or review the books you’ve read?

So you just finished reading a book and your mind is still processing everything you just read. What do you do now?

Aside from digging right into the next book, consider writing a review first, or maybe even just giving the book a simple rating on the retailer site where you purchased the book, or even the website of everything books, Goodreads.

Why would you do this?

Authors love reviews.

No one is forcing you to give a book a rating or write a review for it, but if you enjoyed the book thank the author and let them know. The best way you can do this is by telling your friends about the book, writing a review, or by providing a rating.

Authors read the reviews their readers give them. I read all mine and I even read the bad ones (as much as I wish there weren’t any) and although I might not enjoy what someone has to say about my book, there is chance something they say could help me as a writer.

I can’t speak for every author out there when I say this, but after months of plotting, writing, and editing, I want to know what people enjoyed and what they didn’t. All reviews are good reviews in my eyes. Anything that could result in helping me become a better writer is always welcomed.

If you’re interested in books I’ve rated or reviewed, find me and follow me on Goodreads!

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