What’s New With Jami?

What’s New?

Starting with this post, each month I will update you, my readers, with where I am in my writing process and with a few other fun things about me. I don’t want to leave you all hanging in the middle of a series! So if you want to know the updates before anyone else, make sure you sign up to receive new post notifications!

Let’s start.

This month marks my one year anniversary as an author.  In the past year, I published my debut novella, DATE IN THE DARK, and I published the first three novels in the Black Alcove series. I also got ENGAGED! Looks like my characters aren’t the only ones getting their HEA!

It’s been a busy year and every piece of it is time I will never forget. The happy times were the best part, but I didn’t get those without many tears, many vent sessions, and many days of self-doubt. My friends and family kept me grounded and in the end, this is my dream and I refuse to give up. Short and sweet, but here’s to many more years like this last one!

Now, to the fun part!


JUST ONE KISS, the first book in the Black Alcove series is FREE!

Fo Free

Crazy, right? Tell everyone you know that they can read the first book on any e reader platform for zero dollars. Nada. Nothing. Zilch. This is the first time I’ve ever had a book for free. I have no idea how long it will last. I may never give it a price again or I could change it next week. I HAVE NO IDEA. That’s the fun part. Get it while you can!

**There is also a giveaway going on Goodreads! You can enter that here.**


**A Rafflecopter giveaway you can enter here.**

JUST ONE TOUCH is receiving fabulous reviews and I am beyond thrilled that everyone is enjoying the book this much! You can read some of the reviews on Goodreads, or check them out on any of the retailers where the book is sold. I won’t be upset if you want to leave a review, too. They are one of my favorite parts of writing.

I’m writing Skylar and Luke’s story these days. I’m almost finished with the first draft and HOLY COW, I’m shaking things up in that good ‘ole town of Wind Valley. Keeping the characters on their toes in this book! **Fun Fact: Skylar’s book was actually the first book I ever wrote and finished. I also deleted the entire thing and started over with the story I’m working on now!**

Lately, when I’m not writing, I’ve been watching Hart of Dixie on Netflix. 


  Random, yes, but even as I type it I keep thinking I should watch a couple more episodes tonight.

While at RT16 last month in Vegas, I added close to 40 new books to my collection. I’ve read one of them. The others were grouped up in Read First, Read Next, and Read Someday. I have a long TBR list! Alas, my writing come first and I promised myself that I wouldn’t read another book until Skylar’s draft one is done. Not just for me, but for everyone who is waiting to read the book.

That’s all for this month’s update! Not too much going on. Sorry for the jumble and jumping around of topics. Sadly, that is how it processed in my head while I was writing it. Hard to believe I’m such an organized person … or am I?

Till next time and remember, love never comes with a warning!

~ Jami  ~





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